KRMF Mammogram Grant Application

Those who knew Kim remember her as a gifted, kind, loving, and spiritual person. Among those inspired by Kim during her illness were her physicians, who wanted to honor her memory by establishing the Kim Rowden Memorial Fund (KRMF) in 1998. It is a tribute alive with hope. The Fund provides access to mammography for patients who do not have the financial resources to cover this potentially life saving screening.

To qualify for a grant from KRMF, an applicant must complete the application form (Click here for application) and affirm that they meet three criteria:

  1. The applicant does not have medical insurance coverage.
  2. The applicant has applied for TennCare but was declined coverage. Note: If the patient is from outside of Tennessee, they must have been declined by their state’s equivalent of TennCare (i.e., Medicaid).
  3. The applicant does not have access to adequate financial resources to pay for a mammogram.

Once the applicant has completely filled out the application form, they must personally affirm that the information that they have provided is true and correct by signing and dating the form. Completed forms can be submitted to Wendi Mullins at Provision Cares Foundation ( If there is no information missing from the form and the applicant meets the three required criteria and the applicant makes the personal affirmation (by signing and dating the form), the grant will be approved and submitted for payment to the service provider (once a corresponding invoice has been received).

Applications can also be mailed to:

KRMF c/o Provision Cares Foundation
6450 Provision Cares Way
Knoxville, TN 37909